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Make up & Hair Questions

Q. Why choose Changing Faces? You will want to put your face in the hands of an expert. Changing Faces are probably the most experienced bridal make-up artists in the South West. As top national make-up artists Changing Faces have worked with over 4000 brides and work with models and celebrities.

Q. I don't wear much make-up. Why is it so important for my wedding day? Don't neglect your face it's the one thing everyone is sure to notice! A bare face looks out of place in photo's and against a beautiful dress. Don't worry Changing Faces will make you look naturally your very best. No Painted faces!

Q .I'm good at doing my own make-up shouldn't I do it myself? Pre-wedding nerves can make for shaky hands. It's easy to make mistakes if you attempt such an important make-up! Changing Faces will help give you those precious few quiet minutes on your busy morning to relax and enjoy being pampered.

Q. Will I look too different or heavily made up? Too much make-up and you resemble a painted doll, but too little will not disguise unwanted blemishes & shadows. Changing Faces make-up is second to none. Many hundreds of brides can testify it is natural enough for close scrutiny (we still want the bridegroom to recognise you!) but enough to warm and perfect your complexion and enhance your features.

Q. What make-up is used and will it suit my skin? Shiny make-up from cosmetic counters and beauty salons are not always suitable against a pale dress, Reflected light can drain colour from your face which these products emphasise. A soft matte but glowing finish is a much better choice. Changing Faces uses mainly professional, hypo-allergenic make-up from top world class companies for a radiant look without unflattering shine. Some of our Make up Artists also offer Airbrush make up for those who prefer heavier coverage

Q. Will the make-up last all day? What about retouching? With little chance of constant checking in the mirror and on a long day where you may be hot and nervous a long-lasting make-up is a must. Changing Faces make-up Fixers and Primers ensure your make-up looks and feels good throughout your day and into the evening.

Q. Why book a make-up artist instead of a Beauty Therapist or make-up counter consultant? Wedding make-up is a specialist field as it incorporates aspects of photographic makeup. It is not just a finishing touch but a lasting impression on your wedding photos and video. Many beauticians have little or no photographic make-up knowledge (their experience lies in face and body treatments). Counter and party plan make-up consultants are experts in cosmetic sales but not necessarily make-up application. Often you are expected to purchase the make-up they used after your free (!) trial. Not the bargain it seems! Changing Faces make-up artists have over 30 years experience in all aspects of make-up.

Q. When should I book? A good make-up artist or hair stylist is always in demand. Changing Faces recommend you book at least nine months ahead, although last minute bookings can sometimes be slotted in.

Q. Do you accept credit or debit cards? Unfortunately at this moment we don't. We take payments by cash or bank transfer. Unfortunately due to so many bank branch closures cheques are becoming more difficult for us to process.

Q. How are my payments broken down? We ask for  deposits at the time of booking,£50 for make up & £50 for hair, This holds your date & covers the cost of your rehearsal. The full balance is payable once you are completely happy at your rehearsal.

Q. Do you charge for travel? Travel is included within 10 miles of your team members & charged at 45p per mile thereafter.



If you are not using our in-house hair design team and are going to a salon or the stylist is coming to you please advise them of our arrival time so your plans run as smoothly as possible. (We do allow enough time to be flexible but we really don't want you to be flustered and running late!)

Remove all make-up prior to our arrival or do not apply any that morning

Please do not apply any moisturisers, creams or serums, the Changing Faces fixer-primer we use will ensure that long lasting, radiant finish which feels and is visibly better if there is nothing on the skin when applied before foundation. If you must use a product please clean your face before we arrive

Ensure you wear a zip up or button up top or dressing gown so you can easily slip it off without pulling any garments over your hair & make-up

Remember to put in your contact lenses prior to having make-up applied

Hair Questions

Q. What if i don't know what i want? You will be in professional hands with our skilled design team who will work with you to create your perfect, flattering style.

Q. Do i have my hair done before or after my make-up? It is entirely up to you as the Changing Faces team can work around any curlers, tiaras or accessories without the need to put a band or clip in your hair.

Q. Can you fit my veil and tiara? Yes, this is included in the service.

Q. When is the best time to cut & colour my hair? It is usually best to have this done during the week prior to the wedding. if you are having your hair cut please let us know as this may effect your style.


Always take a bath or shower prior to our arrival

If you are washing your hair the night before on the day, please don't apply conditioner

Wear a zip up or button up top so you can easily get undressed!

 Billion Dollar Brow Questions

Q. Do i need a patch test? Yes, if you haven't had a patch test within the last 5 years then one is required more that 24 hours prior to the treatment.

Q. How often do i need to have the BDB treatment?  This entirely depends on your own hair growth and how long you can wait! Most Clients have this done between 3 - 4 weeks.

Q. Why is BDB better than a normal eyebrow shape? BDB is a complete eyebrow redesign which uses tinting, precision waxing, tweezing, cutting and make-up design to ensure your eyebrows are perfect every time.

 Q. I hardly have any eyebrow hairs, will this work for me? Absolutely, this is the perfect treatment for Clients that have over plucked for years and have sparse eyebrows. The innovative ' 'Brow Boost' formula will promote hair growth so we can give you the eyebrows you have been dreaming of.

Eyelash Extension Questions

Q. What are eyelash extensions? Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied directly to the natural eyelashes, one at a time. Available in many varieties, including various lengths, thicknesses, curvatures and colours, there are endless options for design. The result is a long-lasting and natural-looking extension of your natural beauty.

Q. Are eyelash extensions safe? Lash Perfect products, application procedure and adhesives are exclusively developed to the highest standards of safety, quality and performance. Certified lash stylists are credentialed health and beauty professionals who have successfully completed rigorous, comprehensive, hands-on training.

Q How long does the procedure take? Depending on the number of lashes being applied, a full set will take from 90 to 120 minutes to complete. Re-lash appointments every 2 - 4 weeks will take approx 60 minutes.

Express lashes take approx. 30 - 45 minutes.

Q. Can i wear mascara? One of the primary advantages of eyelash extensions is that you will not need mascara. However, if you want to wear it then you can purchase mascara which is specifically formulated to be compatible with eyelash extensions. NEVER use waterproof or oil-based mascara.

Q. How long do the extensions last? When properly applied and regularly maintained and looked after they can last indefinitely. As your natural lashes shed, (we can shed up to 5 lashes per day) the extensions that are attached also shed and new lashes begin to grow. With maintenance, new extensions are added to the newest lashes to replace those that have shed to maintain a full, natural look.

Express lashes can last up to three weeks then must be removed safely at home or by your therapist. A new set can be reapplied straight after if required.

Q. Are eyelash extensions for me?

Check the following: